One of the most important pieces of the puzzle is where potential customers exit your company's website, known as drop-off points.


Website Metrics (Website Analytics)

Dynamic Digital Advertising understands how important well-designed and easy-to-use websites can be to their corporate owners. DDA's history and experience in website design, website programming, website maintenance, website usability, website optimization, website marketing, website metrics and keyword-rich content development makes DDA an excellent source for improving your existing website.

The use of website metrics, also known as website analytics, as a tool for enhancing visitor experience and ensuring online success has become a necessary part of every company's website strategy. DDA tracks and shares behind-the-scenes analytical data to achieve the greatest possible results for client's e-commerce and corporate websites. Website metrics' problem solving abilities will ultimately become widely available and absolutely necessary. With such website data, solutions can be devised and implemented in real-time with the greatest effect.

Dynamic Digital Advertising compiles this vital information through the use of website metrics programs that track a myriad of consumer behaviors on a website. One of the most important pieces of the puzzle is where potential customers exit your company's website, known as drop-off points. With the information provided by the website analytics program, DDA can suggest changes to achieve better retention rates and therefore higher sales conversions.

Website Metrics for Optimization

DDA can monitor individual pages within your website to determine traffic patterns. With your company's help, DDA can adjust the navigation, functionality or content of your website to better serve customers seeking certain information or particular items. For e-commerce or corporate websites, being found through search engines is critical to gaining new customers. Website optimization can help achieve high search engine positioning and DDA's SureThing™ Search Engine Optimization and Website Marketing Program is the most advanced and proven solution available today.

Intuitive and easy navigation is an important issue for every website. Poorly designed websites cause confusion and frustration for potential customers. This can cause them to bail out of a shopping cart or leave your website for a competitor's. With website metrics data, DDA and your company can test different navigation to see how customers react and analyze the data to determine the optimum navigation style for your site.

Using the wealth of information provided by a website metrics or analytics program can help your company's e-commerce or corporate website grow better and more successful. Don't get left behind in the digital race; Let DDA bring your marketing up to speed for the 21st century with advanced website analytical solutions.