The last 5 years has resulted in the mainstreaming of the Internet and World Wide Web into American Life.

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Website Usability Analysis

Making Websites Work Executive Summary

Problem Identification:
Simply put, the much heralded rise of the internet age has been, for many businesses, a failure. In the last ten years, the World Wide Web has gone from an unknown future technology to a "must have" presence, an e-commerce initiative and for some a disappointing investment. The disappointment stems in part from unrealistic expectations fueled by over-zealous exuberance. Expectations abounded that web enabling a company could accomplish impossible things, with little corporate disruption.

Situational Analysis:
The World Wide Web is in its most basic form, a network. True, it may be the mother of all networks, with growth and inclusionary rates far exceeding anything ever imagined a decade ago. Still the concept of a network made up of millions of businesses, many with their own networks, and billions of pages of content is truly mind boggling. Traditionally, new technologies have not always been readily adopted. The introduction of the copier was delayed for 20 years because businesses had carbon paper and the need was not apparent. Xerox finally took a chance. Several decades later, instead of bringing it to market themselves, Xerox demonstrated the first mouse and GUI (Graphical User Interface) to Steve Jobs who adopted the new technologies for the Macintosh.

The unusually rapid acceptance and growth of the internet leads one to believe that the concept of a network of networks is well understood. In fact, it is more likely that the early, fast growth of the internet is a result of the combination of a competitive business climate, the pace of technological changes generally and the relatively early entry onto the internet. As measured against expectations, the World Wide Web, is in many minds, indeed a failure. The decline of technology stocks and the dot coms change to dot bombs does both precipitate and to some extent mirror the business reality. However, when measured against the more realistic standard of simply a network of networks, the Internet overall, and the business oriented World Wide Web in particular, are unqualified successes.

When measured by such things as the percentages of those with access, number of websites, amount of media attention, e-commerce initiatives, website traffic, and e-tail revenues, it is apparent that the phenomenal growth of the last 5 years has resulted in the mainstreaming of the Internet and World Wide Web into American Life. If the Technological Revolution, lead by the Internet can be compared to the Industrial Revolution, it can be said that this later revolution has certainly been far quicker.

Problem Specifics:
When analyzed as a network of networks, the internet is a phenomenal success. The most important attribute any network has is its ability to connect people and information in an organized functional manner. 85% of all visits to websites originate at search engines and search engines are the principal organizational mechanism on the internet. However the best search engines have databases of 4 to 5 billion pages at a time when there are well over 10 billion pages online. Consequently, probably 50% of all website pages are not even in the databases of the major search engines. Further, the way pages are identified, ranked and presented by the search engines can be confusing and often quality compromised.

Once a website is found by a search engine or identified in another manner, the kind of browsing experience a human browser can expect is infinitely varied. Again, the same functional and organizational qualities that make any network usable and valuable must be present on the individual website level as well and commonly are not.

Frankly, there is widespread neglect in the website design and development community. The triad of typical service providers includes the web designers, e-commerce enablers and webhosting community. None of the triad directly takes responsibility for the health of the website after launch and its ongoing contribution to the parent business. Companies often realize that they need outside vendors to build and develop their websites. They almost always enlist vendor support to add functional upgrades, or e-commerce and additional capabilities. More often than not they look at ISPs and hosting firms for internet access and hosting.

Unfortunately, the community of service providers seeking revenue from and accepting responsibility for the marketing, promotion and fine tuning of websites is very limited and often very expensive. Dynamic Digital Advertising, a digital pioneer in Pennsylvania has a different approach. Since 1994, DDA has had a totally digital service model at its core competencies and a holistic approach to advertising services as its core philosophy.

Building websites that do not receive sufficient traffic, or are not well organized and easy to browse, is in medical terms "The operation was a success but the patient died." A business website must do everything well. It must be nice to look at, easy to use, functional, quick, sticky and ask the browser to take action. Information needs to be useful and sufficient, the structure needs to be logical and organized and the navigation easy to grasp and intuitive.

Dynamic Digital Advertising's totally digital and holistic approach to website health makes DDA the one company in the U.S. that is able to build websites of all sizes and complexity, add e-commerce database functionality, create and include streaming video and photography, provide hosting and maintenance while implementing an ongoing program of search engine optimization to drive traffic and website usability analysis to improve customer experience and response. Best of all, DDA's structure and in-house capabilities makes its services affordable for companies of all sizes.

The answer is simple.
There needs to be a fourth area of service provider with the capability and dedication to impact the health and vitality of a website after launch. This fourth web service community is beginning to develop, but as with many products and technologies it is beginning at the high end of the market and will become more mainstream as frustration in the business community mounts and as vendors move to fill the need.

Dynamic Digital Advertising is moving to fill this need even before most companies realize the potential magnitude of the problem. Millions of websites online simply aren't getting the traffic they deserve or don't function and navigate properly.

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